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Upgrade Instrument Program

  • Composite wood body made from grenadilla and epoxy or resin for greater durability against temperature and humidity changes. Wood improves the resonance of the instrument, resulting in a richer, more refined sound than student-level oboes.  

  • Silver-plated keys allow for better contact between the fingers and the keys. Silver also simply looks and feels more elegant than nickel. 

  • Modified or full conservatory key system expands the note range of the oboe and introduces fingering options for the advancing player.

  • High quality materials and improved keywork highlight the manufacturers' attention to comfort, durability, and quality construction. Enhanced precision of production enables enhanced precision of the player.

Featured Oboe brands:​


Ready to Upgrade?

  • 32-month maximum rent-to-own financing

  • Currently renting from us?

    • Exchange your rental for full equity transfer

  • Recently paid off a rental instrument?

    • Trade-ins accepted for rent credit up to 100%

  • Payments as low as $75 monthly

    • With maximum possible rental equity applied

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