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Upgrade Instrument Program

Benefits of Upgrading

  • While student level instruments are designed to be durable and easy to play, upgrade instruments are built specifically for excellent sound quality and intonation.

  • Upgrade instruments are made with higher quality materials than student level, such as sterling silver and grenadilla wood.

  • Many upgrade instruments come with additional features, like the F attachment on the trombone or high F# on the saxophone. These features can make it easier to play challenging passages and improve intonation on difficult notes.

  • An advancing player can be held back by the limitations of a student level instrument. Upgrading to an intermediate instrument can take a student all the way through high school and beyond.

  • Having an instrument that matches the student’s skill level can boost confidence!

Features of our Upgrade Instrument Program

  • Current renters receive 100% of their equity towards the upgrade instrument.

  • With easy monthly payments, all rentals pay off in less than three years.

  • 100% of the monthly payment goes towards the purchase price of the instruments.

  • We carry a variety of models from major brand names like Bach, Shires, and Backun.

  • Free repair, maintenance, and replacement coverage is included.

Choose your instrument

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