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Upgrade Instrument Program

French Horn Upgrades
  • F/Bb Double Horns allow for optional fingerings, easier playing of fast passages in the high and low registers with improved intonation

  • Nickel-silver tuning slides provide additional corrosion resistance, helping prevent the horn from becoming "frozen"

  • Hand-hammered, annealed bells provide enhanced clarity, tone, and projection.

  • Metal finish options like nickel silver, gold brass, and rose brass varieties offer a wider range of tone color, projection, and timbre options.

Featured French Horn brands:​


Ready to Upgrade?

  • 32-month maximum rent-to-own financing

  • Currently renting from us?

    • Exchange your rental for full equity transfer

  • Recently paid off a rental instrument?

    • Trade-ins accepted for rent credit up to 100%

  • Payments as low as $90 monthly

    • With maximum possible rental equity applied

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