Marshall Music is dedicated to promoting and enhancing music education. We provide clinicians to schools to help with concert and festival preparation, host an annual seminar for student teachers who are about to enter the job market, and often donate to music programs we service. Our recruiting services offer a wide variety of options to help maximize participation in the band or orchestra program, and our specialists are available throughout the year to help with sectionals and ensemble coaching. These services are provided as a courtesy to strengthen and benefit our customers’ music programs.



BAND RENTALS: All adjustments and repairs will be made to keep your instrument in proper playing condition. Cases are included in this plan. If an instrument is stolen or damaged beyond repair, we will replace it with one of equal value. Only expendable items such as reeds, valve oil, and drumsticks are excluded. There is no charge for this service while you are renting your instrument.

ORCHESTRA RENTALS: All adjustments and repairs will be made to keep the instrument in proper playing condition, including string replacement and bow repair. Cases are included in this plan. Your rental instrument is insured against all perils, including theft or loss due to fire. Damaged instruments may be replaced, rather than repaired, at Marshall Music’s discretion; all repairs must be performed by our technicians.



Rental instruments can be returned at any time, to any Marshall Music location, without penalty. Return of a rental instrument will effectively end the rental agreement with Marshall Music and all equity/credit accumulated by the renter will be forfeited. Any account payments that are still owed (including late fees) at the time of return must be paid in full.



It is our mission to provide the best service possible without compromising your privacy. We have adopted the following policy regarding personal information you provide:


We collect personal information from you to establish your account and satisfy service requests you make of us. We also use this information to process transactions, and to contact you regarding promotions and other opportunities to which you may become entitled. The types of personal information we may collect include:


  • Name

  • Mailing Address

  • Email Address

  • Telephone Number(s)

  • Social Security Number

  • Personal Reference Name, Address,and Telephone Number

  • Bank Account or Credit Card Numbers


Any personal information you provide us may be shared to assist in processing transactions for which you have contracted with us. Your personal information will not otherwise be shared with a third party. We will advise you if we change our privacy policy. If you would like to make changes to your personal information, or if you have questions or concerns about privacy, our information practices, secure services, or the confidentiality of your personal data, please contact us at 1 (800) 221-1755

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