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Joey Janiec

Allen Park, Troy, West Bloomfield

Voice, Beginning Piano

Joey Janiec graduated from Henry Ford College in 2019 with an associate degree in music. He has been able to perform in various choirs and ensembles throughout the years. At age 19 he earned 1st place in a statewide singing competition, and later received 3rd place in the nationwide competition called "Teen Talent." He also has sung back-up for various gospel artists and even was selected to participate in various rounds of the singing competition "The Voice." 

Joey has several years of experience teaching adult's teens and children in various styles such as, gospel, classical, pop, and soul. Joey also has experience in teaching children who have special needs who may require a tailored approach. His creative and interactive teaching style accelerates learning while creating a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Joey is avaialble at all of our Detroit Area Locations. Please contact before signing up.

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