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Dylan Sherman


Bass, Jazz Bass

Dylan Sherman has been keeping time on Michigan bandstands for the past six years. Bassist and composer, he has performed at venues including Cliff Bells, the Blue LLama, GR Noir, Aretha's Jazz Club, and local TedX productions, playing every genre from early swing to pop-funk fusion. A versatile musician, Dylan has formed and played in groups specializing in many genres and catering his music to best suit a venue's/event's atmosphere. A student of Rodney Whitaker, Dylan is pursuing graduate degrees from Michigan State University. During his undergraduate years, he had the opportunity to learn from great musicians/mentors, such as Michael Dease, Randy Napoleon, Jeff Pedraz, Jordan VanHemert, Stafford Hunter, Lisa Sung, and others.

Dylan Sherman's immediate future goals are to play as much as he can around Michigan and the surrounding Midwest, to play with as many great musicians as he can to grow his understanding of music, and to take on musical students so he can share with others what he has been taught. His grandeur goals involve traveling the world to experience more musical cultures, performing/recording his original compositions, and, later on, teaching at a college level.

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