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Joseph Berry


Drumset, Percussion

Joe Berry is an experienced performer and educator across a wide spectrum of genres and instruments. His fundamentals-focused teaching approach gives students the tools they need in order to achieve continued musical growth.

Joe Berry is a multi-disciplinary percussionist, educator, and composer who's path has seen him work within the marching, orchestral, musical theater, contemporary, Jazz, and rock fields. As a percussionist, his main goal is to work in as many fields as possible in order to both broaden his horizons as a musician, to bridge the gaps between the different fields of music to show the similarities held by all, and bring a greater understanding to his audiences.

As an educator, he has taught private students, Birmingham, AL area percussion programs, college Jazz ensembles, and drum set masterclasses for both middle and high school students.

Joe holds a Master’s degree in Jazz Studies from Florida State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies from the University of Alabama. He has played with groups across all genres from Jazz to Classical including The Joe Berry Quartet, The BGB Trio, Sage Monkey, Florida State University Jazz Ensemble 1, University of Alabama Symphony Orchestra, and JaW Percussion. While in Birmingham, Joe was one of the drummers for the Covenant Presbyterian Church.

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