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With 100 years of combined repair and industry experience, our guitar and electronic repair technicians are a talented and dedicated group of professionals who excel at what they do. Marshall Music has been in the business of repairing guitars and electronic equipment for over 50 years. During that time, our reputation for providing professional and reliable service has grown, and today we take great pride in being one of the fastest and most thorough repair shops around. We're not just in the business of repairing music equipment; we're here to make sure the music never stops playing. 

Location & Hours

Our Guitar, Organ, and Electronic Repair departments operate out of our Lansing store, but we accept repairs at all of our store locations. Our technicians are typically available during regular business hours on weekdays. Instruments and equipment in need of service can also be submitted for an estimate on Saturdays, but estimates will be done the following Monday. See our Lansing store hours listed below:


Lansing Store Hours:

Monday–Friday: 9:30 am – 8:00 pm (Technicians typically available until 5:30 pm)

Saturday: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm (No technicians available; drop-off only)



Learn more about our Guitar, Electronic, and Organ Repair departments below.



Guitar Repair Department

Jason Thompson

Phone: (517) 337-9700 Ext. 413



Marshall Music regularly stocks and orders parts and pickups from the following companies: All Parts, Duncan, Fender, Fishman, Grover, Gotoh, Graph Tech, Ibanez, Peavey, Switchcraft, Taylor, Washburn, WD, and Yamaha. Below is a list of several services that Jason Thompson performs on fretted instruments:


  • Setups

  • Floyd Rose Setups

  • Fretwork (i.e. Refrets and Leveling)

  • Restrings (6- and 12-String, Mandolins, Banjos, Dulcimers, and Autoharps

  • Hardware Installation (i.e. Tuners and Bridges)

  • Pickup Installation

  • Basic Electronic Rewiring

  • Nuts and Saddles

  • Strap Buttons

  • Structural Repairs


If you are in need of a repair, please note that all repair estimates and charges are determined on a per-instrument basis.

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Electronic Repair Department

Electronic Repair Department Manager

Rob Harris has worked in the Electronic Repair department at Marshall Music for over five years. He studied electronic repair and transistor theory at Lansing Community College. Rob also has a wealth of field knowledge and experience, having worked for a decade in consumer electronics and the banking electronics industry. He is also a certified Fender technician.



Phone: (517) 337-9700 Ext. 412


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Electronic Repair Gallery

Yamaha M7CL Large format mixing board
Steel jack replacement 1
TC tube display
Steel jack replacement 2
Steel jack replacement vs plastic jack
Peavey XR600 preamp
MXR Phase 100
Music Man retube and bias repaired wiring replaced reverb tank
Fender pan before recap
Mackie CR1604VLZ
Marshall JCM2000 TSL122
Marshall AVT150 output module replacement
Marshall MG100Dfx
Marshall MA50 Steel jack replacement
Marshall MG100 Output module Replacement
Mcintosh C28
50's Wurlitzer Juke repaired mechanism, recapped
Fender pan after recap

Organ Repair Department

Organ Repair Technician

Ray Paquet has spent 44 years with Marshall Music as an electronic service technician. He has been a member of the Musical Instrument Technician's Association (MITA) since its inception in 1983 and he is factory authorized and/or certified to perform repairs on several major brands, including Yamaha, Roland, Allen, Leslie, Baldwin, Lowrey, Hammond, Rodgers, Kawai, and many more.



Phone: (517) 974-9445


  • We specialize in the maintenance, repair, and upgrade of electronic organs, keyboards, and digital pianos, as well as Yamaha Disklavier reproducing pianos.

  • We offer professional and affordable in-shop service, as well as on-site repair service for churches, schools, homes, and businesses throughout Michigan.

  • Repair & Service Rates: There is a $64 travel charge for all local service calls. Long distance service calls are based on a $64 per hour travel rate (round trip). The on-site labor rate for all repairs is $96 per hour (prorated). Separate charges apply if parts are needed.

  • On-site repairs require the presence of a representative at the service location. A Marshall Music technician cannot enter a service location without a representative being present. Service is conducted on a C.O.D. basis with some exceptions: Schools, churches, and government institutions can be billed.

  • Estimates: If necessary, Marshall Music's Organ Repair department can provide estimates. Estimates are diagnostic work done at our regular labor rates. For individuals working within a strict budget, we are able to make accommodations. In the event that budget constraints are a main consideration, the owner should be present to make decisions regarding how far repairs proceed.

  • About MITA: For decades, Ray Paquet has been a member of the Musical Instrument Technician's Association, International (MITA). MITA is an organization composed of technicians and specialists around the globe who service and support the electronic music industry. With its central focus on education, MITA works with musical instrument manufacturers to provide annual training seminars for technician members.

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